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The Nurse Practitioner provides medical care, palliates and manages terminal illness in compliance with the state Nurse Practice Act under the supervision of a collaborating physician.

Reporting Relationship

Supervised by:     Administrator/DON
Positions Supervised:     N/A
Interrelationships:     Patients, family, IDG, and other healthcare team members


  • Practicing Nurse Practitioner currently licensed under the provisions of the State Board of Nursing.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  • Must possess excellent counseling skills
  • Must possess great support skills for both patient and family
  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Ability to demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Must possess symptom management skills in order to stabilize a patient
  • Should be very strong emotionally and mentally
  • Must understand how to provide end-of-life support to the family of a deceased patient
  • Should possess excellent interpersonal and therapeutic skills
  • Must have excellent pain management skills
  • Possess ability to work effectively within a team environment
  • Able to demonstrate excellent psychological skills
  • Must be able to answer questions posed by a patient or a family member explicitly
  • Possessing excellent relationship skills is key.
  • Minimum of one (1) year hospice or palliative care experience.

Job Factors

Physical Requirements

Requires considerable physical effort most of the day including kneeling, squatting, reaching, twisting, climbing, walking, exposure to temperature and humidity changes and maximal assist in lifting and/or transferring of a 100 pound patient. Must possess sight/hearing senses or use appropriate adaptive devices that will enable senses to function at a level required to meet the essential duties of the position. Must provide evidence of annual TB test, COVID-19 Vaccination and other state-required tests or examinations.

Mental Requirements

Must be able to work independently, make judgments based on assessments and data available and act accordingly. Must be flexible, innovative and possess good interpersonal skills. Must be able to cope with mental and emotional stress and demonstrate emotional stability.

Working Conditions

Be able to tolerate exposure to elements including, but not limited to, odors, blood, body fluids and excrements, adverse environmental conditions and hazardous materials.


Must have a current valid driver’s license, auto liability insurance and reliable transportation.  Other: Some travel required.

Essential Functions
  • Manage patient’s health in terms of pains, symptoms, and treatments
  • Take care of the patient till he/she dies
  • Provide patient’s assessment to the main physicians
  • Obtain the necessary equipment needed to take care of a patient at home
  • Ensure the availability of medication to a patient
  • Create a comprehensive care plan for other professional caregivers to follow
  • Provide spiritual support for the patient or the family before and after the death of the patient
  • Serve as the communication link between the patient, family, physicians and other caregivers
  • Ensure emotional support to patients and their families
  • Help to alleviate the suffering of patients who are going through pains, difficulty in breathing, perspiration, and other symptoms through the provision of medication
  • Help to properly manage the patient’s health condition instead of calling for an emergency or a transfer to a hospital.

Physical Requirements

One must be able to lift, push, pull, or carry up to 50 lbs. without restriction.

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