The Legacy Project

HOPE Healthcare and Hospice recognizes
the value of lasting memories

The Legacy Project | HOPE Healthcare and Hospice

Preserving your loved one's memories for years to come

At HOPE Healthcare and Hospice, we recognize the value of lasting memories. That's why we're excited to offer The Legacy Project, a complimentary service that allows our patients to preserve their precious moments in a digital format.

Whether the recorded story is a childhood memory or simply an "I Love You," our team can work with each patient to create this cherished message that loved ones will treasure for years to come and listen to whenever they need extra comfort.

It's easy to get started! Click below to call our Volunteer Coordinator for help with The Legacy Project.

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The Legacy Project | HOPE Healthcare and Hospice

Hear Lizzy's Story

"Call me back" was the only message saved from my mom, and I wish I still had it today.

That's why HOPE Healthcare and Hospice offers The Legacy Project, which preserves the most unique memory of your loved one - their voice.

This is one way we can comfort family and friends when missing their loved ones. 

HOPE Healthcare and Hospice offers The Legacy Project as part of our commitment to providing bereavement to families when support and comfort are needed most.


The Legacy Project for Hospice Patients


This project allows patients to create a special message for their loved ones to listen to whenever comfort is needed most. These cherished stories and memories will be preserved for loved ones to listen to anytime, anywhere. It's as simple as asking questions or suggesting a story to be recorded.  HOPE converts these stories to a QR Code format and presents them to the family.

Let HOPE help you hold on to precious moments that otherwise might be lost. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (337) 703-4674 for assistance recording. 

My Favorite Memory Was...
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  • What is one of your favorite memories?
  • Care to share a family tradition?
  • What was your biggest life lesson?
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