Family and Emotional Support

Supporting you and your loved one every step of the way

Family and Emotional Support | HOPE Healthcare and Hospice

Compassionate Guidance and Emotional Support

HOPE Healthcare and Hospice is here to help you and your family through life's most difficult transitions. Our team of caring professionals will be by your side, providing specialized care, emotional support, spiritual guidance, and practical resources during trying times.

Our highly trained interdisciplinary team brings invaluable attention to the essential components of hospice care: listening attentively to stories shared by patients, compassionately addressing their concerns, and providing patient-specific care plans for family members dealing with the complicated dynamics of a terminal illness.

Family and Emotional Support | HOPE Healthcare and Hospice

Family and Emotional Support Services

We offer a full suite of services all designed with the goal that no family should go through such challenging experiences alone.

Grief Counseling and Support Groups

HOPE offers more than just comforting words; we provide meaningful and compassionate care for loved ones during their time of need.

Our Hospice Interdisciplinary Team works closely with each patient's family to address every aspect of the journey, including physical, emotional, and therapeutic needs.

Spiritual Guidance and Support

We are passionate about providing comfort and solace to people of all beliefs in their time of need.

Our hospice care team is staffed with a chaplain who can visit regularly. We can also coordinate a visit from a volunteer of various faith traditions ready to lend support during difficult times.

Referrals to Community Resources

HOPE is an invaluable resource for those caring for a family member facing terminal illness or special needs.

We offer suggestions and provide referrals to community resources to help you find emotional and task support - giving hope in the darkest hours.

Caregiver & Patient Tips

Our team of professionals has many years of experience and in-depth training in providing comprehensive hospice service. 


HOPE's Hospice Interdisciplinary Team

Our compassionate interdisciplinary team is here to provide emotional support and guidance for the patient and their family. We understand how complex life can be during this difficult time, so we work with everyone involved to create a plan that considers all needs – listening and addressing concerns every step of the way.

Medical Director

The Hospice Medical Director is responsible for clinical oversight of the hospice program. This includes direct patient care, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing staff. They have extensive experience in hospice care and are a field leader.

Medical Doctor | Hospice Care

Hospice Nurse

Hospice nurses provide comfort and support to patients and their families near the end of life. They have extensive experience in hospice care and are experts in managing emotional stressors that often come with a terminal diagnosis.

Hospice Nurses

 Hospice Aide

The Hospice Home Health Aide provides practical support to patients and families while helping with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. The services offered by a Hospice Home Health Aide can include light housekeeping and emotional support.

Hospice Aide

Nurse Practitioner

Our Nurse Practitioners are responsible for providing high-quality care to terminally ill patients and their families while working closely with the hospice team to create individualized care plans and provide support for hospice patients and their families. 

Nurse Practitioner

Social Worker

Hospice social workers are an integral part of the hospice team. They provide counseling and support to patients and families facing a terminal diagnosis. They also connect patients and families with resources in the community.

Social Worker

Hospice Dietician

The hospice dietician ensures that patients receive appropriate nutrition and hydration during their end-of-life journey. They develop meal plans tailored to the patient’s specific needs and preferences. The dietician also educates patients and caregivers on the importance of nutrition during this time.

Hospice Dietician

Hospice Physical Therapist

Hospice Physical Therapists provide patient-specific care and support to patients and families in need. Occupational and Speech therapies may also be available for patients facing terminal illnesses.

Hospice Physical Therapist

Hospice Chaplain

The Hospice chaplain provides spiritual support to patients and families facing a terminal diagnosis, regardless of their religion. The chaplain is a calming presence during difficult times.

Hospice Chaplain

Bereavement Coordinator

The bereavement coordinator provides support to families after the death of a loved one. They offer counseling and resources to help families cope with their loss.


The Legacy Project for Hospice Patients

This complimentary service offers an opportunity not just for the patient, but also for loved ones to hear cherished stories and memories that might otherwise be lost. 

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