Beth's Playlists

Calming Playlists that provide
comfort to hospice patients

Beth's playlist

A collection of songs for when comfort is needed most

At HOPE Healthcare and Hospice, we understand the positive impacts music can have on patients and families during difficult times. 

Music is enjoyable; it improves brain function, boosts moods, relieves agitation, lessens pain, and promotes deeper breathing. People of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities can benefit from music. 

Research has shown that hearing is the last of the senses to fade. Even when a patient is unresponsive, the brain continues to respond to sound; music is a soothing option regardless of where a patient is on their end-of-life journey. 


Music Therapy

Music can transport people back in time; a person who listens to a song from their youth may be reminded of precious moments from years ago. Music can also inspire new memories by bringing people together.

Music and Hospice

Music can assist when meeting people's physical, cognitive, and emotional needs at every stage in life, regardless of age or abilities. It can also lessen the physical and emotional pain hospice patients may experience.

Hospice and music

Music Enhances Quality of Life

Music is emotionally engaging and enhances bonding and memory-making moments when enjoyed as a family activity.  Music improves socialization and can broaden seniors' social networks. 



Benefits of Using Music in Hospice Care

In some instances, music can be used as a natural remedy to pain, such as a positive distraction when discomfort is present. Listening to music generates feelings of relaxation and happiness.



Music is Powerful.

Music triggers the release of dopamine, which can give "goosebumps" when listening to your favorite music.  Sections of the brain "light up" when someone hears their favorite song.



Music can aid in breaking down barriers and starting discussions about complex topics, offering additional and profound ways to feel better, primarily when this can encompass forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

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