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Hospice Care in Lafayette, LA AND Acadiana: What You Should Know

Hospice Care in Lafayette and Acadiana Area: What You Should Know | HOPE Healthcare and Hospice

At HOPE Healthcare and Hospice, we believe everyone should have dignity at every stage of life. Navigating end-of-life care should be a peaceful experience that captures meaningful moments through tailored care plans. 

As a local hospice provider in Acadiana, we've put together what caregivers should understand regarding hospice care. 

Hospice Care in Lafayette, LA. and Acadiana Area

Hospice care provides symptom management and helps the family come together and achieve the goals specific to each patient and family. Most often, this is time used to share in making new memories, forgiving any differences, and celebrating the patient’s life. Hospice care is a gift of helping to be present and not in and out of healthcare facilities. Hospice care is a gift of being present with a loved one and using these days to help the patient understand who they are and what they mean in the lives of so many others. Hospice provides physical or emotional support - while honoring a person’s wish at this stage in their journey.

Patient eligibility is determined by a physician who identifies advanced illnesses, medical conditions, or other potential symptoms before ensuring our hospice services are best suited to meet all the patient's needs. Hospice care is only recommended when the physician believes the patient has a life expectancy of six months or less if the illness runs its normal course without curative treatment. 

7 Facts About Hospice Care

1. Hospice care focuses on comfort and quality of life for patients with terminal illnesses.

2. Hospice services can be provided in various settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, private residences, and hospice centers.

3. Hospice care is tailored to each individual’s needs while honoring the patient's wishes throughout their journey.

4. Hospice care aims to reduce physical discomfort, control symptoms related to advanced illness or injury, improve emotional well-being, and provide spiritual support through end-of-life transitions.

5. Hospice eligibility depends on an individual's medical condition as determined by a physician or other health professional specializing in palliative medicine/care or who has been board certified in one of these disciplines (e.g., internal medicine).

6. All aspects of hospice care are covered under Medicare Part A, including doctor visits if needed; medications; durable medical equipment; respite stays at home or another facility; bereavement counseling for family members after the death of a loved one; and more depending upon the situation and need for various therapies during end-of-life transitions. 

7. Hospice care is provided by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals who specialize in providing comfort and support during end-of-life transitions.

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HOPE Healthcare and Hospice of Acadiana

PLan Hospice Care Early

Early admission improves the quality of life when facing a serious illness; HOPE Healthcare and Hospice encourages beginning hospice care sooner rather than later. Patients can take charge of their well-being by discussing their preferences for care with family members, physicians, and facility staff before the progression of their illness - guaranteeing they receive support tailored to them at every step along the way.

Advanced Healthcare PLanning

Physicians can play an integral role in guiding patients on their healthcare journey. Through Medicare-reimbursed advance care planning sessions, physicians assist patients with establishing directive documents that outline: 

  • The medical treatments they would like to receive.
  • Who will make decisions regarding their care if unable to do so themselves?

These types of critical conversations provide a positive opportunity for meaningful deliberation and end-of-life preparation.

Protect Your Peace of Mind

Every adult should be empowered to decide their healthcare fate in times of serious illness or injury. An advance directive offers the opportunity to proactively voice your wishes and provide peace of mind for you and your family, ensuring that medical decisions are honored.

These documents can range from living wills to durable/medical powers of attorney to physician orders for life-sustaining treatment - all designed with one goal: protecting individuals' rights at a time when it matters most.

Questions For Hospice Providers

Choosing the right hospice for oneself or a loved one can be an emotional and weighty decision, so it's essential to ensure that any potential provider can meet individual needs.

Before committing to care, ask questions about their capabilities, background, and philosophy - this will help ensure you make an informed choice confidently.

Below are a few clarifying questions to ask a hospice provider:

  • What experience does your staff have in providing end-of-life care?
  • Can you walk me through the services included in hospice care?
  • How will you support my emotional and spiritual needs during this time?
  • Are there any additional costs I should be aware of beyond those covered by Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance? Will you ever send my family or me a bill? 
  • Does your program have any additional specializations or programs that might benefit me or my family (i.e., hospice and palliative certified staff, music, legacy, etc.)?

How HOPE Healthcare and Hospice Can Help You

It is important to remember that everyone’s experience with hospice care is different. Everyone progresses through end-of-life transitions differently, and no two cases of hospice care are ever the same because each disease process advances differently. 

Trusted Hospice Care

At HOPE Healthcare and Hospice, we are committed to providing quality care tailored to each individual’s needs while respecting the wishes of our patients and families. We understand how difficult this journey can be, and our goal is to ease the burden of dealing with a terminal illness by offering support, advice, and guidance.

Serving Acadiana and Lafayette, LA.

Our team of trained professionals is here to ensure you are comfortable pursuing hospice care for your loved one. From providing emotional support to helping navigate the healthcare system, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care every step of the way.

If you or someone you love is considering hospice care in Acadiana, please get in touch with us for more information. We are dedicated to providing the best care and support for our patients and families, so contact us today

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